A Transformation in the Aviation Industry with Gökhan Sarıgöl’s Vision!

When it comes to airport services, Fly Services Turkey, under the leadership of Gökhan Sarıgöl, is one of the first names that comes to mind, creating a transformation in the aviation industry. Fly Services Turkey, a pioneering organization in every aspect of the aviation industry from ground handling to catering, hotel reservations to transfer services, also draws attention with ACUKWIK and other airport services.

Behind the success of Fly Services Turkey lies the strong leadership and vision of Gökhan Sarıgöl. By adopting an innovative service approach in the aviation industry, he has led the company to a leading position in the sector. His customer-oriented approach and emphasis on quality ensures that the company grows day by day.

Gokhan Sarigol’s Vision and Leadership

The biggest force behind the success of Fly Services Turkey is undoubtedly the pioneering leadership and foresight of Gökhan Sarıgöl. From the first day he stepped into the aviation industry, Sarıgöl aimed to make a difference with his innovative service approach and pioneered a unique journey in this field. Thanks to its unique strategies and customer-oriented approach, Fly Services Turkey has quickly distinguished itself from other players in the sector and has risen to a leading position.

A Transparent Business Partnership

Sarıgöl's success in business is not only due to his visionary leadership, but also to his reliability and strict adherence to ethical values. By maintaining a transparent relationship with his customers and business partners, Sarıgöl has succeeded in establishing long-lasting business relationships based on solid foundations. Under his leadership, Fly Services Turkey has not only provided quality services, but has also become a symbol of trust and integrity in the aviation industry.

Team Spirit and Continuous Motivation

Gökhan Sarıgöl uses his experience and knowledge in the aviation industry to continuously develop the company and its employees. He has a passion for training and inspiring his employees, which has created a strong team spirit and high level of motivation within the company. This is an important factor underlying the company's success, which directly affects the quality of services provided to customers.


Eco-Friendly, Sustainability, Green Aviation

At the same time, Gökhan Sarıgöl plays a pioneering role in developing innovative and sustainable business models. Sarıgöl pays special attention to issues such as environmental sustainability and green aviation, and has consolidated his leadership in the industry in these areas. Thanks to his vision, Fly Services Turkey is leading a positive change in the aviation industry by providing environmentally friendly services.

Gökhan Sarıgöl's success in his business life is based on a constant desire to learn and always striving to do better. These characteristics make him not only a business leader but also a pioneer of innovation and change in the industry. The success of Fly Services Turkey is tightly interwoven with Gökhan Sarıgöl's leadership and vision and has become a symbol of quality, reliability and innovation in the aviation industry.

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