Leading Aviation Solutions with AOC and H24 OCC Services

Fly Services Turkey stands out in the sector with its superior quality and customer-oriented approach in AOC and H24 OCC services. Our company takes pride in providing uninterrupted and reliable service to its customers with its long years of experience in the aviation sector and its expert team. With the understanding of always keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level, we strive to be with you whenever needed.

AOC and H24 OCC Services

AOC and H24 OCC Services: Importance of AOC Service

An Airline Operating Certificate (AOC) is an official authorization required for an airline to conduct flight operations for commercial purposes. This certificate is proof that the airline is capable of conducting safe, efficient and regular flight operations in accordance with international aviation standards.

Fly Services Turkey assists companies in the process of obtaining an AOC, helping them to overcome this complex process. Our experienced team provides support at every stage, from the preparation of all necessary documents to the negotiations with regulatory authorities.

AOC and H24 OCC Services: Importance of H24 OCC Service

In the aviation industry, 24-hour operational support is vital to respond quickly and effectively to any unexpected situation. H24 OCC (24 Hour Operation Control Center) provides airline companies with all the services required to ensure that flight operations continue uninterruptedly and safely for 24 hours.

Fly Services Turkey's H24 OCC service provides a wide range of support from flight planning, emergency management, ground handling services to flight tracking. Thanks to this service, airlines can access fast and effective solutions when they face any operational challenges.


Success in the aviation industry starts with working with a reliable partner. Fly Services Turkey, with its AOC and H24 OCC services, enables you to manage your aviation operations with confidence and contributes to the smooth and effective progress of your business.

If you want to make a difference in the industry and achieve operational excellence, enjoy the privilege of working with Fly Services Turkey. Please contact us for more information about our aviation services. Let's fly together in the sky and push the limits!

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