24/7 OCC Services

Our OCC services department has got extensive knowledge and experience regarding worldwide operating policies and can therefore relieve our clients of the stress and time consumed in obtaining over flight and landing permissions.

Our Multi-Lingual team can assist you with operations into and out of any country worldwide quickly and efficiently.

OCC (Operation Control Centre)

The role of an OCC (Operations Control Centre) in aviation is crucial as it involves overseeing and managing various aspects of flight operations. An OCC department has extensive knowledge and experience of worldwide operations policies, allowing them to relieve their customers of operational responsibilities and ensure smooth flight processes


This includes the provision of services such as worldwide flight supervision, airline representation and credit facilities for fuel, handling and landing fees. In addition, OCC services departments can also help to secure charter, flight, landing and flight clearance permits, streamlining complex procedures.

OCC Services: From Aircraft Maintenance Tracking to Crew Planning!

A well-functioning OCC services consists of several key components that work together to ensure efficient flight operations. Some of the key elements of an OCC are:

  • Flight planning and dispatch services
  • Weather monitoring and analysis
  • Team planning and coordination
  • Aircraft maintenance tracking
  • Ground support and logistics co-ordination
  • Communication systems between OCC and aircraft

These components help optimise flight operations, minimise delays and ensure the highest level of safety and efficiency for both passengers and crew.


Handling Emergencies with OCC Staff

OCC services staff face many challenges in their daily work, requiring them to be highly skilled, adaptable and able to work under pressure. Some of the challenges they face include:

  • Rapidly changing weather conditions that can affect flight routes and schedules
  • Unforeseen technical problems with aircraft that require immediate intervention and co-ordination - Handling emergencies that may arise during flight operations
  • Manage complex authorisation processes and comply with international aviation regulations
  • Coordinating with various stakeholders including pilots, ground crew and airport authorities to ensure smooth operations.

Despite these challenges, OCC staff play a vital role in maintaining the safety and efficiency of flight operations and contribute to the overall success of aviation companies like Fly Services Turkey.

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