We supply Aircraft Spare Parts and Chemicals primarily for Boeing, Airbus. Our service is qualified and widely accepted by Airlines such as Turkish Airlines, Atlas JEt, Sky Airlines, PSaga Airlines, Freebird Airlines, Onur Airlines, Corendon Airlines, ULS Airlines, Nordwind Airlines (Pegas Group) in Russia and Maintenance Centres like MNG Technic, My Technic etc. We also have a warehouse for chemical products at Sabiha Gokcen Aİrport, Istanbul.

High Quality Aircraft Spare Parts Service

The increasing demand for aircraft spare parts in Turkey reflects the growth potential of this market. The increase in demand can be attributed to the change in growth in countries, with more diversity operating and an increasing number of flights being planned.



In addition, the need for spare parts and maintenance services has also increased due to the ageing of existing aircraft fleets. A trend in this direction indicates that the aircraft spare parts market in Turkey points to a promising future with significant growth potential for many years.

Competitive Advantage for Favourable Prices

Many important players and competitors in the Turkish aircraft spare parts market offer products and services to meet this growing demand. One notable player is Fly Services Turkey, which offers a variety of detail-related services including aircraft spare parts, catering services, crew visa assistance and ground handling. Another prominent player was FLY SERVICE LTD, a flight company providing worldwide flight support services, worldwide flight provision, permitting, ground handling and aircraft spare parts for various aircraft models.


These compounds face competition from international continuums such as the United Arab Emirates, China and Turkey, which requires continuous resilience of their offerings to maintain a competitive edge. Turkish governments are playing an important role in the expansion of the aircraft spare parts market through various regulations and initiatives. This support is evident in the provision of domestic data exchanges and those that incentivise the procurement of spare parts from local services.

Partnerships with International Companies

Furthermore, the government is further strengthening the growth potential of the aircraft spare parts market in Turkey by partnering with international companies to facilitate their technology and distribution. The government's support and regulations have made a significant contribution to the size and competitiveness of the Turkish aircraft spare parts market by creating a favourable environment for the industry.


As a result, Fly Services Turkey has established itself as a reputable and reliable aircraft spare parts provider in Turkey. With a strong track record, the company offers a wide range of services that fulfil the demand for spare parts over a wide area. The importance of reliable spare parts supply cannot be overstated because it plays a critical role in operating aircraft safety and performance, reducing downtime and maintenance costs, and maintaining customer confidence and loyalty.

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