Fly Services Turkey: 24/7 Address of Aviation Trust, Airport Services and Professionalism

Fly Services Turkey is an airport services company led by Gökhan Sarıgöl. The organization offers a range of services such as 24/7 landing and flight clearances, ground handling and fuel services to meet the dynamic needs of the aviation industry.

It also has an Operations Control Center (OCC) department with extensive knowledge and experience to reduce the stress and time loss customers experience when obtaining flight and landing clearances. This team can quickly and efficiently assist in processing in and out of any country across the globe.

Ground Transportation for Crew, Hotel Reservations and VIP Services for Crew and Passengers

The company offers various services such as airline supervision and representation, ground handling, fuel services, catering services, immigration and customs control coordination. They also provide services such as ground transportation for customers and crew, hotel reservations for crew and passengers, airport services and VIP services. These services are offered 24/7 by skilled staff around the world.

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Experienced and Well-Trained Staff are Waiting for you

According to the contact information, the company's head office in Turkey is located close to LTBA Ataturk Airport and has an office in every airport in Turkey. Experienced and well-trained staff will be pleased to offer their services.


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